RouterOS v5.16 Released

RouterOS v5.16 Released

May 11

What’s new in 5.16 (2012-May-09 17:23):

  • webfig – fixed problem when new item addition to status page in design skin mode did not work;
  • add pw-type option for BGP VPLS;
  • fixed mac telnet – sometimes did not work if more than one mac level path to destination;
  • user – fixed problem when adding new users from console it’s password was not set;
  • reset packet mark when encapsulating/decapsulating from eoip,ipip,gre,eoipv6,ipipv6,gre6 tunnels
  • Fixed issue where many connected clients to AP could stop passing traffic in some cases, which was introduced in v5.15 (Do we all wish there was more regression testing?!)

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