RouterOS v5.14 released

RouterOS v5.14 released

Feb 28

If you didn’t get your email yet (I know I didn’t), MikroTik have put v5.14 up for download on their website:


What’s new in 5.14:

  • winbox – fixed problem when changing main winbox window size and some of the inner windows become hidden
  • backup – backup file creation failed if router identity name had / in it
  • wireless – improved nv2 link stability to reduce control frame timeouts, only AP requires update
  • fixed rate configuration retention problems on RB1100AHx2
  • certificate manager – fixed building certificate trust chain which caused certificate validation problems for some programs (VPN, SSTP etc) when downgrading from this version to older version please run “/certificate reset-certificate-cache” to maintain correct trust chain


Grab it from:


p.s.: also heard a rumour it may fix some L2TP reliability issues that are’t documented in the changelog, but will verify as soon as I can!

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