RB2011LS-IN now listed on MikroTik website

RB2011LS-IN now listed on MikroTik website

May 11

Just noticed this morning that MikroTik have now listed the new RB2011LS-IN model on their website (http://routerboard.com/RB2011LS-IN).


The ‘S’ version of this latest generation of router has a single SFP port making it ideal for long-distance inter-office connections or FTTH internet connectivity.

I’m still not convinced what the value is of having five 100BaseT ports alongside five 1000BaseTX. Perhaps MikroTik could offer some use case suggestions? The main one I can think of right now would be for bonding multiple WAN connections, but then there may not be a use for that on this ‘S’ model if FTTH is being used….

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